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 What is SEO

In general, SEO (search engine optimization) includes all actions needed in order a website to be optimized, with no-paid methods in order to be improved in search engines results (serps) in specific keywords.

 What is SEM

In general SEM (search engine marketing) includes all actions needed in order a website to be advertised, in search engines sponsored results when a user searches specific keywords.

 What is SMM



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SEO expert


Digital Marketing consultant

My name is Michael Dimitriou, I was born in 1983 in Trikala, I grew up in Thessaloniki Greece, but I live and work in Malta. I studied accountancy, but I work as SEO specialist and freelance web designer.

Michail Dimitriou

      I live in Bugibba, Malta and I work for Think Design Ltd., a digital agency in Birkirkara, Malta as a digital marketing manager. Also as a digital consultant (freelancer) for several digital agencies and individuals around the world.

Freelance SEO work


As a freelance digital marketing consultant, I support and provide seo services in several companies and advertising agencies located in UK, USA, Greece, Turkey, India, Malta and soon in China.

The cities I used to live are in Greece: Thessaloniki, Kavala, Xanthi, Kalambaka - Trikala and in Turkey: Izmir.

Michael Dimitriou
My hobbies include offshore sailing, travelling, reading articles and fishing (not phishing..). I enjoy greek iced coffee (frappe) and greek traditional drinks ouzo and tsipouro.

Get in touch with me for digital marketing tips, PPC Campaigns, facebook marketing, SEO consulting or anything else I can help. Also you can read my articles and tips for SEO and the digital marketing on my blog.