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Blogging tips for beginners and experts

By Sabrina Desuza *

blogging tips
Blogging is incredibly fun, whether it is done for the business or personally. It is a great way to share your expertise, opinions, and experiences in the form of articles or content, which is then read by many other people. In this article, it is discussed about the blogging tips for both beginners and experts.

1. Use killer titles: The title of your blog is like the cover of the magazine and the basic purpose of the cover page of the magazine is to get you open the magazine. In the same way the blog posts work. It is important that your blog post must have compelling title. It doesn’t matter how compelling the content of your post is, unless it has a compelling title. Because this title only, will grab the attention of the visitor and would get him/her open and read the whole blog post.
Tips for making the title:
Focus on the problem (see point 2)
Focus on important keywords
Follow Numbers rule
Be specific

2. Focus on the problem: This is the point from where you should start. You have to think that what are the points that your target reader wants? What they want ot need? Once you know this start writing about it (if it is related to your niche) and try to solve their problems and fulfill their needs as far as possible. This would help them to know and hence you will get more number of viewers leading to high search engine rankings.

3. Use call to action buttons: Each of your blog posts should have some sort of call to action as this would increase your conversion rate. Here is the list of some call to actions which you can include in your blog post:
Join us on Twitter, Facebook, You Tube
Download our e-book
Request a demo
Ask us a question

4. Content marketing or give stuff away: Give away the free content to the people that add value to them and then if they like your content, and then they will become your loyal fans and will build trust on you. You can promote your content on your social media profiles.

5. Be consistent: Consistency is one of the most important things that bloggers should always consider. It is much easier to lose the traffic as to build it. Therefore be consistent and provide your audience articles or contents frequently. Posting your articles consistently would make you popula and make your remembrance in the minds of audience.

6. Measure: Choose the metrics which make the sense with your blogging goals and content marketing.
Track What type of content leads to conversion.
Track the most engaged contents and create more of that type content.
Track the referral resources that worked well and then try to find out those types of referral resources.

Summary: Blogging has become an important and effective platform for promoting your business and is a great way to identify and connect with your audience, provide content to the people and educate them, share your thoughts and opinions. But to achieve success in blogging, it is important to do it effectively and the above ways would help you to attain success in it.

*Author Bio: I am Sabrina Desuza Working as a Content writer in SEO Rank Smart, It’s an Online Marketing Company Provide Web Development Services to its clients.

19 September 2013