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11 Ways That Companies Fail at Using WordPress

By Lisa Holland*

In the present age of global marketing, having a blog or website is a must for any company that wants to succeed. WordPress has over time proven to be the best software solution for web or blog design, development and maintenance. It offers simple and efficient ways of interacting with your target audience on a global level. Setting up a website based on WordPress is quite simple given that the host provider supports the software. There are however several mistakes that companies frequently make in the set up and maintenance. Below are the most common 11 ways that companies fail at using WordPress. Most of these mistakes have to do with simple settings that are easily looked over.
wordpress fails

1. Not using important plugins:-
You do not have to have all the plugins, just the important ones. They will make using your website much easier both for you and your visitors. Some of the plugins you should not lack are Akismet, All in One SEO Pack, Contact Form 7 and Google XML Sitemaps.

2. Not backing up the website:-
Crashes happen and it would be very frustrating and expensive to lose all you have struggled to create. You can back up the site manually through WordPress tools.

3. Wrong perm link structure:-
You need to make your site search engine friendly. Setting up the perm links correctly will go a long way in making your website visible on search engine results pages.

4. Not using an Analytics program:-
It is extremely important to be aware of the progress of your site in regards to keywords reception and traffic. You can use Google Analytics for this.

5. Not making the site mobile-friendly:-
This is one of the biggest and most serious mistakes that companies make. Mobile use has drastically gone up in the last few years. If your site is not mobile friendly then you are losing out on a lot of important traffic. Look for a theme that is friendly for tablets and Smartphone or use a mobile customization plugin like WPtouch.

6. Lack of useful and relevant content:-
No matter how appealing and well designed the website is, it will be a flop if its content is useless. This means that you also have to be careful about the types and quality of guest posts you receive and post on the website.

7. Lack of interaction with visitors:-
Comments are important for the progress of the website. It is through them that your company engages its audience. Ensure that you have appreciated and replied to comments.

8. Excessive advertising:-
Ad Sense is good and it can earn you some cash. You should however be careful about its overuse. Too many ads will repulse visitors and this will affect your traffic negatively. If possible, keep the advertisements discreet and to the minimum.

9. Not implementing WordPress updates:-
Be on the lookout for regular WordPress updates. Ignoring them could expose your site to serious security issues. Most of the updates are usually very easy to fix and it will only take a while to get it done.

10. Using the wrong theme:-
The theme used is very crucial in attracting and keeping traffic. If possible, do not go on using the basic free theme that you started out theme. There are many WordPress designs out there that will not cost you much.

11. Using
If you do this, you are leaving WordPress to have control over your website and its content. This means that if unintentionally, you go against their terms and conditions, your site could be shut down without warning.

*Author Bio: This post has been written by Lisa Holland. She loves to share knowledge about Web Hosting. She recommends internettbutikker for providing best online shopping stores.

31 August 2013