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Some tips for
Google Adwords

By Michail Dimitriou*

adwords tips
Here is some advice for businesses on the best ways to use Google Adwords to make the most out of it.
In the last few years we have worked out that it is sensible to work with Adwords for eCommerce is to go through the entire conversion process backwards. That entails beginning with the conversion, then it’s the campaign structure, and last of all settings.

Keep a complete record of each and every conversion code, as well as everything that is linked to it, i e transactions, or phone calls.

You should make sure that conversion codes are in every single landing page to accurately record all payments on your websites.

Click on this link to sign up to the Adword conversion codes directly from Google.

If you include phone numbers in any of your campaigns make sure somebody is always there to answer them. There are programs that can assist you in doing this.

Begin your ad campaigns with a big or branded name to attract more viewers, and hopefully buyers. Successful campaigns can provide you with templates to launch more campaigns in the future. If you are not to good with IT there are software packages to build campaigns that range in price from free to $10,000 per month. So your turnover would have to be considerable to pay for the most expensive package.

The best ways to organize campaign settings for your website.

Take control of your own optimization, it will make you more money than if you leave Google to do it for you.

Accelerated show ads are often the fastest way to start ad campaigns, as their name implies they are faster.

Also the best ways to make sure your ads are rotated effectively is to rotate them yourself, as Google will be slower to do so than you are. Frequent rotation means all your ad campaigns have the chance to be highlighted to all potential customers.

It is best to switch to manual settings to make bids; you are more likely to win the bids. I set my bids to manual every single day to make sure it stays that way.

It is better to never run your campaigns all bunched up together as it means customers will not see all your things with separate ads, which will reduce traffic to your website as well as lower your total number of sales.

Running separate ad campaigns also makes more sense as it makes it far simpler for you to work out the campaigns that are successfully generating sales, and, which ones are lagging behind. Any self-respecting SEM will need to know what works and what does not work.

Search campaigns can have slightly different settings for PCs / laptops, tablets, and for mobiles / smartphones, it is best to keep the latter distinct from the others. it is also a good idea to separate ad campaigns by different networks, in order to target them to the people most likely to buy anything from you.

We have plenty of other tips concerning the best techniques for ad campaigns, and how to take the most from Adwords. If you have any differing suggestions just let us know them.


Michail Dimitriou profile picture *Michail Dimitriou is working as a digital marketing executive for Think Design Ltd. in the exotic Malta as well as he supports several advertising companies and digital agencies around the world.
Also he is smart and handsome.

26 Febrouary 2015