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It's about the Notes

By Michail Dimitriou*

Today, the online social community is growing rapidly. Tumblr is a social community that blogs. On Tumblr, you are working for "notes". You get a new note every time someone likes or "reblogs" your post. Reblogging is when someone posts your blog on their page. It is similar to a retweet. However, Tumblr does not have the limitations as twitter, because a post on tumblr is never lost. You can post something today, and next month, people can still reblog your post.

tumblr marketing
Tumblr is one of the most effective ways to launch a successful media campaign. The primary users are between the ages of 18-29. So if this is your target audience, you need to become very active on tumblr. For this article, I will use the example of starting a media campaign for a new book.

Gather a Following

The first step of your media campaign is to gather a following. Pick a blog template that best fits your writing brand. Now, follow blogs with related content. Make sure your list of people you are following is visible to the public. These blogs might return the favor, and that will boost your traffic.

If you are influenced by other literary characters, you should actively post in their tumblr tag. For example, if you have a character who is a mixture of Catwoman and Robin Hood, you need to establish your presence in those tags. Reblog popular posts from that tag and add a little witty caption. You should reblog daily.

Get Visual

Tumblr is all about the visual. Tumblr posters are very interested in graphics, animated gifs and any form of viral content such as memes and videos. Associate certain images with your brand. Since your main character resembles Catwoman and Robin Hood, Post a rendering of your character striking a Catwoman pose or shooting an arrow. If you are not familiar with Photoshop, hire someone who is. Once you have connected your characters to that tag, begin to venture out and visually present your characters in the world you have built for them.

Release Exclusive Original Content

Once you have a nice group of followers, post exclusive content. Everyone wants to feel special, and being the first person to discover new media is a thrill for most Tumblr posters.

Post excerpts from your book or if you are already an establish other, rewrite a scene from another character's POV. You can also post video trailers or photos of your character in a book related scene.

Carefully Tag Your Original Content

You are labeling the content of your post when you tag it. People use tags to search for content.

Tagging your posts with your book's title, series name (if applicable) and characters' names is a given. However, this will not garner you new followers. You will have to create tags that will broaden your outreach.

You can determine your tags by branding your book and your characters. What image do you want your book and your character to invoke in readers? Use that image to decipher your tagging. If you are successful, your book's title and the characters will become successful tags.

Note: Do not post unrelated material on popular tags. You can create content to fit a tag, but do not fall into the the twitter trap of posting and tagging your post with the most popular tag at the moment. People will get annoyed if posts are not related to the tag. This can cost you potential readers.

Repackage your content

If you have great blogs and photos on your main website, post a teaser on tumblr and include a link back to your main website. This will help with keeping a daily presence on tumblr, and it will create traffic for your website.

Connect with Other Social Media Websites

Connect your tumblr to your other social media websites and make a share this or add this option available to followers. Not everyone uses every website, but you can use people as a bridge between two or more websites. If they love your picture on tumblr, they will share it on twitter or instagram so their non tumblr friends can see it. This increases your exposure.

Your Tumblr success can be judged by the number of by the popularity of your book's tag, the number of notes your posts have, and the number of followers you have garnered.


Michail Dimitriou profile picture *Michail Dimitriou is working as a digital marketing executive for Think Design Ltd. in the exotic Malta as well as he supports several advertising companies and digital agencies around the world.
Also he is smart and handsome.

13 October 2013