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Effective video marketing for product promotion

By Michail Dimitriou*

video marketing
Video marketing is quickly becoming a popular trend amongst online business owners. Why would people use video in the first place to promote their business?

There are a number of reasons they may do this. What every business owner wants to do is to engage the audience, when introducing a product for the very first time. Traditionally businesses would do this with in-store product demonstrations. This allowed the customers to touch, feel and experience the product while they are in decision making mode. Video marketing online uses this same business model of engagement, which is crucial to the sales process.

Why Video Marketing works with product promotion?

It is a widely known fact that traditionally and digitally prospects choose to watch videos rather than reading. This is what online businesses can use to their advantage with video marketing. The difference is that with online video, the audience has a chance to meet the "face" behind the product. Most tutorial videos, for example, will allow businesses to see just how the product works. If the video is engaging enough, they will choose to watch more videos that are related, thus increasing the chances of closing the sale!

Video Marketing tactics for Products

There are a number of ways that business owners can explore video marketing, to make their product campaign a success. The main focus, of course, is to make a list highlighting the key benefits of the product. These benefits will be what the video will want to showcase and ultimately build momentum. It's important to think like the end user. What would they like to see in regards to the product and how can it best be demonstrated in a video context? The product video basically, should have a beginning, middle and call to action.

The Video Anatomy

The beginning is where the product is introduced and the key benefits are highlighted by the host. It helps to give some close up shots of the product on key areas that affect the decision making of the audience. For instance, if you the product is a blender that is known for it's through crushing power, then it's important to focus the camera on the blades. This will show viewers what type of effect they are having on all types of food or in some cases heavy objects. By showing the blender's capability to actually blend objects, like silverware, will demonstrate the unprecedented durability of the product.

The middle of the video is where different everyday situations are presented that the viewer can relate to. This is the point of real engagement for the prospects. Using the blender product again as an example, the host may show a way to use the blender that was never thought of before by the prospect. For instance, this blender can possibly be used to create juice as well as smoothies. So in essence the buyer would have an all-in-one product. The product video will end with a call to action. This is the point where the audience has to make a impulsive decision to reach out to the business to get the product in their hands. The call to action usually happens with "Buy Now" or "Visit our website for more information." any effective copy that will stimulate the viewer to act immediately and go to the user's site.

Conclusively, if the business's video marketing campaign is visually appealing along with all the right benefits that speak to the viewer, it will successfully work as a tool to close the sale.


Michail Dimitriou profile picture *Michail Dimitriou is working as a digital marketing executive for Think Design Ltd. in the exotic Malta as well as he supports several advertising companies and digital agencies around the world.
Also he is smart and handsome.

18 January 2014