What is SEO

In general SEO (search engine optimization) includes the actions you do to optimize a website, with no-paid method in order to be higher in search results (serps) in specific keywords.

 What is SEM

In general SEM (search engine marketing) includes the actions you do to advertise a website, with paid method to search engines paid resuls (such as google adwords) in order to be in first page of search results (serps) in specific keywords.

 What is SMM



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Google SERPS

Calculator tool of average SERP change

seo performance

Here is an excel file that can easily calculates the positive or negative average result for the change in position for some keywords taking into consideration the google results page and the search volume for each of the total keywords.

The results take into consideration these facts:

  A change in position of a keyword from a deep google result page to another deep google result page has less value with a change to first page results.

  The same change in results of a keyword that the search volume is high has more value than the same change of another keyword that has fewer searches from users.

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