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Few Internet marketing techniques that can
be used for improving your business online

By Angelina*

Increasing competition has forced businesses to innovate Internet marketing techniques to stay ahead of their competitors. Google Panda and Penguin update has stressed on importance of Internet Marketing techniques that enhance and enrich user experience. Let’s take a look at some effective marketing techniques that can be used to improve business online.

Content Marketing
Instead of concentrating on adverts and external media messages, content marketing is an effective way of reaching your targeted clients. Reaching your clients and visitors to your site with fresh, regular content about your products or service is one way to engage their attention and motivate their buying appetite. You may expand your content marketing strategy by exploiting various channels including e-newsletters, articles, blogs, and case studies among others.

Diverse Social Media Marketing
Social Media platforms have the biggest pool of targeted audience. Establishing social media presence in any one platform is not going to help. Businesses are required to tap all popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Relatively new social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Tumblr are gaining popularity and hence businesses should develop an Internet marketing strategy to tap targeted audience on all social media platforms. Diversification has its own advantages as businesses can reach maximum number of targeted audience through multiple networks. Businesses are required to have strong profiles on all popular and new social media platforms along with their website.

Image centric marketing content
A picture speaks thousand words and image centric content is the new mantra of Internet marketing. Today’s consumers are visual learners. Marketing experts believe customers are less likely to buy a product which only has text description. Images help in easy understanding and human brain is known to process visuals faster than text. Thus, intelligent use of images in marketing content offers dual advantage such as easy understanding that helps in faster decision making. Besides, images within content can break the monotony and make content visually attractive enough to attract attention of visitor and generate interest.

Mobile friendly marketing content
Increasing use of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets has forced the Internet marketing companies to take a fresh perspective towards Internet marketing. Today’s consumers accesses Internet from mobile devices and hence businesses are required to develop mobile friendly content that offers good user experience.

Lead nurturing
Though lead nurturing is a traditional marketing technique, effective use of social media platform and email communication has made it part of effective Internet marketing technique. Leads are important for every business. The importance of leads does not end if the visitor is not converted into customer. Lead nurturing focuses on building relationship with a potential customer even if he/she is not interested in buying your products and services this time. The lead nurturing marketing technique involves communicating with the potential customer on a regular basis. An email communication giving information on product updates, launch of new products, or discount offer is a part of lead nurturing marketing technique.

*Angelina is a professional guest blog writer who is interested in writing articles related to latest emerging technologies. Most often she writes articles on internet marketing for law firms and various other services.

27 June 2014