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Google dropping bombs against spammers

By Jensen Carlyle*

Google has been involved in a war against spam for many years now. When the first bomb was released by the company, many were affected by the bloodbath. These explosives are changes made by Google to make sure that every user can experience brilliant services. Some of the bombs dropped if you can still recall are: Google Caffeine, Mayday, Farmer/Panda updates, Big Daddy, Allegra and Bourbon. Changes such as search+ and other +1 buttons are visible shortly after the detonations.

You may have noticed in the past as well that Google had generated results with links to low-quality content websites. Though the quality of such websites is very poor, the efforts they used such as “blackhat” helped them dominate the search results for some time. But after the trick was revealed, Google made quick studies as response and made white hat to counter spammers. Despite these changes, hope is still as clear as the skies for everyone when it comes to Google ranking. Thanks to all the team’s efforts and to these tips that can you to maintain your position in the market.

Content Strategy

Google’s attacks may have hit tons of website including yours. If this happened to you, then you may want to retaliate by changing your content strategy. Google as of now puts more value on great contents and this means that the more epic, sensible and factual your article is, the more it will attract internet users. It also means that the search engine will regard that your content deserves a higher ranking.
Stop depending too much on keywords as it no longer has an effect. The magicians of Google were able to learn a spell that counters the black hat effect. Focus on the interest of readers or your target market. Apart from writing articles, you can also make videos, share fresh contents, DIY articles and other interesting features. Google has done a lot of disabling when it comes to functions that can lead to spamming. Apart from the end of black hat, the effects of meta keywords and descriptions have come to an end as well. Remember to make use of fresh contents, utilize Google trends and edit poor contents on your website before it pulls everything down to the grave.

Social Signals

Social signals contribute greatly to the ranking of a page in Google. Again, you would need to forget about keywords as thinking too much about it may cost you big time. Make use of social media websites to market your website and its contents. Remember to always place a well-designed social media platform on every page of your blog or website. Social media may not totally contribute to the page ranking however, Google search is somehow pointing to that direction.

Don’t Ever Dare to Continue with the Old Thing

Once Google made changes and updates, it is set on stone. Since you won’t be able to negate its effects, all that you can do is to expect more bombs or changes to land. Save your time and immediately stop from the old habits. Focus on the improvement of your contents and make use of the right tools.

*Author Bio: Jensen Carlyle writes on business and technology topics, and is currently working on content marketing strategies for IT solutions provider, Swift Systems in Frederick MD.

25 September 2015