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Making international content marketing work for you

By Sarah D. William*

When you target your international audiences online, you need to adjust your content to connect across different cultures. The content you create for specific international audiences is destined to become a central part of your international web marketing strategy. Here are several different article series on international content marketing by Cindy King, Director of Editorial at Social Media Examiner, that may help you get more international sales.

The international clients you connect with online may use your content in different ways, and they may have cultural preferences in understanding different formats. Use these article series for your inspiration to create a stronger international web content marketing plan for your own business.

International Content

Customizing your content in an international web marketing strategy makes for a stronger international presence. The more you adapt your communication so it fits in with the communication that your international clients are accustomed to, the better you’ll be able to develop your international business.

It is a mistake to just take the same content you always use to connect with your domestic market and then have it translated so you can connect with one of your international markets to make sales. You’ll increase the sales opportunities if you have your foreign language content written specifically for each culture that you are targeting. But, however, you need to know your international clients very well, and you need to understand what you need to communicate in order to get the results you want.

Writing For International Audiences

Before you translate your sales and marketing materials to different languages, you’ll need to create content in English to be read by a wide audience. This is referred as “International English,” whether it’s with British or American spelling, it doesn’t matter. International English is easy for most different cultures to understand, plus it can help you adapt your communication to get more international clients.

The first mistake most businesses make is to not invest enough in translations that are good enough to make sales and bring in the international business you’re looking for. In many cases, you need more than just a translator; you need a local marketing expert who can adapt your content to the new markets.

Then there are the hurdles you will encounter with using translation software. “Human” translation is a lot more expensive and takes time. Businesses today usually need both the top end as well as the low in translation services. But, they also need to know when to use them. It is always worth investing in a local marketer for the content that will be read by your prospects and clients. But translation software can be a great help for market research.

International Content Skills

When writing sales and marketing materials intended for a broad international audience, you need to adjust your English, and also pay attention to any cross-cultural differences. A strong international profile can help you to know which words are easier for your international audience to understand and where they’ll need some extra explanations.

Trust is one of the easiest things to lose when you’re dealing with international business. You’ll lose it at the bat of an eye and probably won’t even know why. In international business, it is essential that you constantly work on building and maintaining trust in everything you do. This includes your content and all of your communication

Types of Content

One of the most powerful content marketing tools that a business can use is a white paper. White papers will provide your prospects with clear understandings of the topics they’re covering. Also, white papers are used to explain any objections that your clients may have. A good use of white papers within a strategy for international web marketing might be of significant help in opening foreign markets.

Using a blog to reach out to your international markets is an excellent idea. The success of your international marketing strategy with blogs depends on many different factors that are directly related to your business and the international markets you are trying to reach. Many businesses use a blog to target specific international regions so as to carry out market research, stimulate feedback, make connections or just explore different international development opportunities.

Your international marketing strategy also needs to involve market segmentation. This helps you target culturally customized communication for each of your different international audiences. Online marketers should always consider using membership sites to carry out some of their market research, so as to create specific marketing environments that are adapted to different cultural preferences.

Content is how you communicate online. It is important that your clients can find you online when they search for content. Remember that international content marketing plays a KEY role in all of your web marketing.

*Authors Bio: I am Sarah D. William, Blogger and SEO Strategist. I love to share knowledge about Internet Marketing, SEO Tips, Social Media Optimisation and Mobile Apps.

5 August 2014