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The truth about responsive web design

By Sabrina*

Today, there are numerous users, who use their tablets and smart phones to browse internet. Now, their browsing is not only restricted to Personal computers or laptops. Gone are those days, when the screen sizes were limited and there were no option besides laptops and personal computers. Now, due to the great advancement in technology, there has been a significant increase in such devices (smartphones, notebooks, palmtops, tablets etc.) and that too with different screen sizes. Due to the different sizes and different technology in every model, the browsing in different devices has become difficult. The concept of Responsive web design has made it easier to browse web on different devices.
responsive design a quick huide

What is Responsive Website design?

responsive design example
Responsive website design is such a website design that delivers a tailored user experience across the range of devices. This RWD methodology provides flexible layout or structure with such components that adapt to any screen size and features of different devices, screens and browsers.

Need of Responsive website design

why responsive design
It is important to provide accessibility and user experience of distinctive quality to the increasing market of mobile users. A study of smartphone users demonstrated the following results:

75 percent of people want a mobile friendly website.
61 percent of the users turn and visit the other site, if they don’t find the information what they are searching for quickly.
48 percent users said that, if a website of any company doesn’t work well for them, then they feel that the company didn’t care about their users as well as business.
67 percent of users say that when they visit a website which is mobile friendly, they are more likely to buy a product or service from that site.

The above mentioned results demonstrate the need of providing distinctive user experience and hence justify the need of Responsive Web Design

responsive design benefits

Some of the business benefits of a responsive web design:

Increases your reach to mobile and tablet audiences
Consolidates your analytics and reporting
Increases your sites visibility in search engines
Increases your business sales and conversion rate
Saves time and money on management of website
Saves time and money on mobile development

SEO benefits of responsive web design

responsive design seo
Google recommends Responsive web design as it preserves a recognized URL, avoid complicated redirects and makes the sharing of web address easier.

Having a dynamic and single website is preferred to be the best and suitable practice for SEO.
Responsive Web Design discards the need to maintain and monitor the different versions of the website.
RWD provides a peerless user experience, which correctly contributes to both desktop and mobile users.
RWD ensures that all the backlinks will lead to an effective website, which results in better user experience.

responsive design is future

Summary: Responsive web design keeps you ahead of every trend. The increasing demand of mobile internet browsing arises the need to create a responsive website. Responsive website design is a key to success for your business as it is considered to be SEO friendly website.

*Author Bio : Sabrina is an internet marketing expert and doing SEO work from last 4 years, Currently she is working with SEO Rank Smart, it is india based SEO Company, They have great SEO Experts who helps you to increase your site ranking in search engines.

10 July 2013