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Website Design Cost

By Scott Heron*

When people are investing in developing, establishing and promoting their business, getting their website up and running is the top on their priority list. For people who are not doing this for the first time, it is not that difficult to understand and put down a rough estimate of how much the job will cost. But for those individuals who are starting up a business for the first time, they may not know the cost and pricing of web designing and developing at all. Many people do not disclose how much they charge simply for two reasons:

1. Marketing strategy: they wish for you to visit them and see their work first hand instead of hearing the price and never even giving them a chance. Once you see the work, the prices do not sound so high.

2. Competition: no single web designing company wants another to know how much they are charging. This is to maintain a sense of demand and balance in the competitive field of web development.

There are various things that establish how much a certain web design project will cost. Following are some of these identifiers:

The time it will take

There are many companies that will not give you a quote unless they know what the project is. Therefore, you would be expected to have a meeting with the team and share with them your thoughts regarding the work. If the project you wish to hire them for will take more than a month’s time, then the chances of the cost being are higher are possible. This is because it will mean the developers team will be required to invest a certain amount of time, effort and energy into the making of the website for a continuous period.

How complex is it

This is another way in which a developer will come up with a rough quotation for your project. If the webpage you wish to get designed is immensely complex in its layout, structure and other similar aspects, it will cost you more. The simpler the webpage it is, the easier it will be for the developers to make and lesser will it cost you. In such terms, the project may only require as long as a week but will be expensive because of its complex nature. Hence, it is preferable that you reduce your costs by keeping your webpage simple for the developer and user friendly for your customers.

Permanent or temporary hiring

If you have absolutely no knowledge how to run a webpage, then you will need to hire a web developer on long term basis. This means that each time your business is upgraded or you are offering a new product, a promotion et cetera, and the web developer will be expected to work. This means higher costs. On the other hand, if the hiring is only temporary and initial, the costs will automatically reduce.

With this you can anticipate the kind of work you need and how much it will cost you. Keep things simple and feasible.

*Author Bio: Scott Heron is the author of this article. To avail his website design and online marketing services, refer to his website,

18 August 2015