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Case Study:

Malta's government
funny video

YouTube in-stream campaign in Malta


On YouTube, there is a video advertisement that has been produced by Malta's government, in the Maltese language, and it is appearing as an in-stream YouTube ad to a lot of users too many times. The users have the ability to click "skip ad" after 5 seconds in order to avoid watching again and again the same video ad. Even the users that are interested in watching this video, it is sure that they already have seen it before. So this video ad of Malta's government has started to become very annoying.

The videos

The original government's video:

The funny video that has been created:

The idea

The idea was to be created a video that makes fun of the Malta's government's video, requesting to stop their digital promotion or to reduce the frequency that it appears to the users. Also, it recommends choosing a better digital marketer than the creator of the government’s video campaign

The purpose

  To be tested the impact of such a funny video to Maltese audience.
  To be tested the CPV (Cost Per View) price in several audiences in Malta.
  If was possible, to persuade the government of Malta to stop their video ad.

The creation

The funny video starts with the government's original video until the first sec. From first till the second sec, the original video becomes blurry, and after the 2nd sec, the video continues with the message "WHAT THE FUCK" till the 5th sec.

The users who have been exposed to the funny video ad, they thought that was again the annoying video but before skipped the ad they realized that is a different video than the original ad video of Government of Malta.

The impact

The impact of the video to users was above the average video ads on YouTube. The view rate during 4 – 11 of April 2017 was 20.74% (15% is the average in general – see source) and the video played till the end to the 19.22% of the users. The average CPV (Cost Per View) had been started from 0.02 EUR for a selection to a broad audience, but became more expensive for the selection to more specific audiences.

The video received only likes and some positive comments during 4 - 11 of April 2017. Some of the comments that the video received: “u god”, “I applaud you for doing this. the ad is so annoying!”, “very true”.

A user sent a private message: “Hi, I saw your commercial on YouTube. It was awesome… I was seriously thinking "Not this again" and then I see "WTF" on the screen, I start laughing saying "What the fuck?"”